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The DE~PUZZ~LER I - the ORIGINAL affix guide for court reporters.


Scenario:  A reporter is caught red-handed, globalling "transponding" for the steno TRANS, POND, and -G.  She was given a yellow-flag warning by the realtime trainer for defining the whole word, ignoring the value of defining the word parts properly so they would simply stick together.  


Work SMARTER, not HARDER!  Don't be that reporter!  Get with the program!  Since 1992, Gayl has been guiding reporters to enter word parts, prefixes and suffixes into their dictionaries so that they can write new words on the fly and have them come out correctly in their realtime translation -- and finish editing their transcripts a LOT sooner!


Book I - Most frequent suffixes, prefixes and roots, how to solve conflicts and word-boundary issues using affixes.


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