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Students transferring from other steno schools or returning to the field after an extended absence will take the Theory Reinforcement class to refresh their knowledge and update their writing theory.  All theories are accepted in this class.  Readbacks are emphasized.


All students can transfer their academic courses to HSCRC.  They must demonstrate proficiency via testing or they take instruction in English grammar and punctuation, transcript editing and production, specialized vocabularies, and speed-building.

Once students reach a writing speed of 180 wpm, they begin internship and certification test preparation (written and skills) until transcribing graduation tests with 95% accuracy.

Weekly three-hour live classes with an instructor (6 hours/week) for Theory Reinforcement, then placement in daytime or evening speed-building and academic classes until completion.

Prerequisite: Completion of a theory course. Writing at 80 wpm.

Cost: $350/mo 

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