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Leslie Schwartz

For 30 years, Leslie has been a freelance court reporter and steno instructor.  In 1983, at the age of 22, she graduated from Lansing Community College with a Court Reporting Certification.  As a Michigan CSR, she worked for top reporting firms in Detroit, while also teaching steno theory at The Academy of Court Reporting.

In 2005, she relocated with her family to California.  After she'd settled into a new life in Manhattan Beach, she taught Theory, Speed, and CaseCATalyst software at Bryan University.

In 2013, Leslie left Bryan to teach at Downey Adult College and accomplish her personal goal to become a realtime reporter.  Shortly thereafter, she passed the RPR Skills exam and entered the world of CART captioning.  As a long-time NCRA and CCRA member, she holds the Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI), and has enjoyed attending many national and state association workshops, furthering her education to pass on to students.

Leslie, now a new Florida resident, knowing the struggles and self-discipline it takes to becoming a successful court reporter, is passionate about helping others reach goals she knows may seem impossible to meet but are definitely attainable.  Leslie's students love her creativity in teaching and her uplifting personality, making her especially suited to guide them along the road to a successful steno career.

Speedbuilding and Theory Instructor

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